The Villa’s staff will be pleased to welcome and pamper you :

– Azis: villa’s manager and chef
– Apni, Sohri and Awan: waiters and housekeepers
– Piy and Aweng: gardeners
– Rodi: poolman
– Amat, Lali and Mukhlis: 24-hour security guards

For parents who would appreciate a break in the demanding care of their overactive kids, feel free to ask for assistance of a baby-sitter, who will attend toddlers and children.

Azis, manager & Chef

Apni, butler

Aweng, service & housekeeping

Piy, gardener

Rodi, poolman

Aweng, gardener

Sohri, service & housekeeping

Amat, security

Lali, security

Mukhlis, security


Our Chef will be happy to cook for you the best Indonesian or international dishes. Special diets could be accommodated and cooking lessons could be organized upon request.


A tennis-table, shaded by the flowered greenery of a pergola, is The place to organize ping-pong tournaments .

A badminton court is available, with rackets and shuttlecocks.

As the Queen of Heart in Alice in Wonderland, a very British croquet game allows you to practice your put, while having a nice cup of tea and scones.

The Villa is also a fantastic starting point for a 3-hour trek in the primary forest on top of the Hill, where you can watch monkeys and tropical birds.


Guests can enjoy a traditional massage, provided by outside spa therapists: the staff are on hand to assist with appointments. The massage can take place on a massage table, on the mattresses of the main pool small island, or in the gazebo or the Javanese bed, at the moment of your choice.

The villa’s manager will also be able to provide the guest with yoga lessons (yoga mats available).

Things to do from Villa L

Things to do from Villa L

Eat out in one of the Senggigi restaurants on the beach, with sea food platters fresh from the Ocean or romantic dinner bare foot in the sand. Improve your best Sinatra’s style in one of the Senggigi karaoke bars

Visit, with a chartered speed boat, one of the famous coralfringed Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno and Air) – just off Lombok’s north west coast – and enjoy unique sessions of scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal aquamarine waters, famous for their many sea turtles.

Improve your surfing style on Senggigi beach or on one of the famous south-western shore-breaks near Kuta.

For seasoned surfing experts, experience the best surf of your life in Desert Point, considered as one of the best waves on the planet.

Explore the waterfalls and forests of the Rinjani National Park on a guided walk.

Experience a 3-day trek to the rim of Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia (3 726 m), if you fell like having a sporting achievement to boast about when back in your home country.

Develop your calves thanks to bike rides: If the Hill is very steep and more fitted for seasoned cross bikers, the less sportive or lazier guests can rent bikes and enjoy the stunning coastal scenic road north or the evergreen rice paddies of Tete Batu.

Practice your swing at the Sire Beach Golf Club – a quiet 18-hole championship course on the splendid Sire bay, with dramatic views of Mount Rinjani and on the ocean, 20 km north of Senggigi.

Learn about Lombok’s cultural heritage on a visit to a traditional Sasak tribal village and shop souvenirs and gifts: Sasak handicraft items (pottery, weaving and basketware) or pearl jewelry, with the wellknown Lombok-farmed salt-water pearls.

Enjoy kayak guided tours throughout the gorgeous southwestern islands, such as Gili Nanggu and Gili Lampu.