Main swimming pool

The main swimming pool, made with black lava stones, extends for 20 meters in the garden below the villas. It is deep enough to dive into (3 m at the deepest) with a diving board.
In the middle of it, stays a 0.7 meter deep kid pool, where lays a square island with two large comfortable mattresses, where you can sun bath or indulge yourself with a massage at dusk.

2 infinity pools

Two infinity pools serve the villa, both of them are bordered by wooden decks, and allow the guests to freshen up close to the living or dining rooms.


Sun-loungers and umbrellas rest upon each of the three white wooden decks near the three pools.
In the heat of the afternoon, a white bleached gazebo shaded by an alang-alang roof is the perfect place to rest near the main pool.

Many Balinese wooden antique benches with soft cushions and mattresses, strategically scattered in the villas and the gardens, and a Javanese four-poster bed, invite you to meditate (or maybe take a nap?) under the shades of many tropical trees, such as frangipanis, coconut trees, bougainvilleas, traveller trees, mango trees and other palm trees.

Outdoor entertainment

A tennis-table on the rear of the villa, shaded by the flowered greenery of a pergola, is the place to organize ping-pong tournaments between guests and staff.

As the Queen of Heart in Alice in Wonderland, a so British croquet game allows you to practice your put while having a nice cup of tea.

A badminton net is also available, as well as soccer balls.