There are not one but many living rooms in Villa L, where every one can enjoy a friendly socializing moment or appreciate the tranquility of being a bit isolated from the rest of the guests.

Main living room

The main living room is open on two sides to the hill breeze, with a direct access to the infinity pool on the east side and to the outdoor dining room with a unique sunset ocean view on the west side, protected from the sun by a large white canopy.

Roof terrace

A quiet roof terrace above the Home Cinema room is equipped with lounge white wood sofas and armchairs, and will allow you to indulge in a sundowner drink.

Home theatre room

The air-conditioned home theater room is made of a huge terrazzo bed of 4 x 2 meters, with plump mattress and cushions, where you can watch DVD or TV programs at length, or even sleep in front of an Ingmar Bergman's movie.