Two questions when you are in the mood for having lunch or dinner:
What to eat? Easily answered to thanks to the relevant advice and talent of the Chef of Villa L.
And where to eat? Many possible answers to this question:

Main dining room

The main dining room, ideal for a cool lunch or a more formal dinner, is in the second villa open-walled ground floor thats looks out on the infinity pool, and can welcome 14 guests around the massive solid 4.5m long exotic wood table.

Open air dining room

The open air dining room, on the white wooden deck on the west side of the villa, is just perfect for having breakfast while watching the tricks of small monkeys hidden in the tropical forest below, or a laid back lunch or dinner for 10 people, who can enjoy the quiet spectacle of the colourful fishing boats on the Indian Ocean.

Dining room kitchen

This dining room, casually located close to the bar/kitchen.
The massive exotic wood table and benches can accept 10 guests.

Don't hesitate to be creative and ask Pak Putu to organize lunch or dinner in any other part of the villa.